4 Ways To Maximise Your Gym Gains At Home | How To Maximise Your Muscle Gains

– What's up gentlemen? I'm Ollie, it's Make Me That Guy Today is a gym video obviously

It's not a fashion video, is it? We'd be in a fashion show, wouldn't we? Anyway, today's video is gonna be on my four top tips on how to maximize the gains you're gettin' from working out at in the gym while at home The stuff that you need to do religiously if you wanna maximize your workout Okay, before I get started, be sure to subscribe, like, and leave us a comment, because you don't want to miss the fire we got coming very soon Okay, so tip number one! Sleep, alright If you're working out hard, you're working out four, five, six days a week, you've got to get your sleep in

That's hard if you're trying to get monster gains and you're working a nine to five, but trust me, your workouts will be more efficient, your gains will be quicker, your rest periods are gonna be a lot more efficient if you get optimum sleep I find that if I'm sleeping for above eight hours a day, 10 hours a day, every day, I really feel fantastic My body's a lot fuller, I'm not feeling dehydrated or weak from my workout I also look fresher, and when I'm working out too hard and not sleeping enough, I look devilish, terrible Pale, big bags under my eyes; get your sleep in, number one

Number two, is a paleolithic diet Let's flip that up Paleolithic, okay? The paleolithic diet is basically a caveman diet We've mentioned this in other videos before, but it's the number one way to get you nice and lean after you put in the right stuff into yourself, so read up on that It basically means if you can't kill it, you can't pull it out of the ground, you can't forage it, like nuts, pull it off a tree, or fish it, you can't eat it

Live like a caveman, and you will get lean very quickly Cut out all unnatural shit, and this promotes a process called ketosis whereby you burn fat to replace the carbohydrates you're no longer taking on, and that is what gets you lean This is how I eat and diet So tip number two is check out the paleolithic diet Tip number three: get yourself a NutriBullet

Okay, flashing up Ding A NutriBullet is this kinda blender you've just seen Super easy to clean Super cheap

You get your five a day in there It grinds up everything, it's gonna help you to get five a day, to get protein sources on quickly, and to eat the nasty, bad tasting vegetables, which you're gonna have to eat if you're following a paleolithic diet, right, without having to start eating them cooked and rank Whack them all in the smoothie maker All your greens, your cabbage, curly kale, your spinach Use fruit sugar, some fruit juice to sweeten it

Whack it in a smoothie, boom, five a day done You're gonna need that as an alternative carbohydrate source All by that I mean green vegetables, vegetables in general This is a great way of getting loads of them all without having to suffer eating them cooked So we've done an episode on the NutriBullet already

Check that out Link up now, ding Alright, so our fourth and final tip is another food and nutrition based tip, okay? It's to think about when you are eating your sources, the different food stuffs you're taking on The main tip to stay lean, right? Is to reverse that Western thinking When we get home, we have a big dinner and sit in front of the TV

Eating, eating, buying shit No Western man, stop that! Consumerism and greed is not the way forward, okay? So don't sit home eating in the evenings Come home after your workout from the evening, and you have a small protein based snack If you haven't worked out in the evening, you have an even smaller protein based snack with a very small amount of carbohydrates or as much veggies as you can get in there So the last and final tip is to eat your carbohydrate sources at the right time

You need carbs before the gym You don't need them afterwards, okay? You definitely do not need them at night, your most dormant time; eat your carbs when you need them First thing in the morning or mid-morning, before the gym, and never after six o'clock if possible Alright gentlemen, that's it Those are the four tips outside of the gym which I use to help support my gym gains within the gym which is another video

Check that one out four most essential tips within the gym which I use myself Hope you enjoyed the video gentlemen I'm Ollie, it's Make Me That Guy Be sure to subscribe, like, leave us a comment

More gym vids coming very soon Peace (dramatic music)

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