5 Wearable Inventions & Gadgets YOU SHOULD SEE

5 Wearable Inventions & Gadgets YOU SHOULD SEE


For more futuristic inventions, amazing new technology, cool gadgets and THINGS you didn’t know EXISTED.

New amazing inventions, cool gadgets, futuristic new technology, and things you didn’t know exist. Mind blow!


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5- HEY – a revolutionary bracelet that sends touch over distance :
Everyone wants to hold their loved ones close. Everyone needs an occasional cuddle. But sometimes there’s just too much distance. It becomes impossible to hold and feel that one special person. Until now. Smart bracelet HEY lets you touch your loved one, no matter the distance.
HEY offers you more than words. It’s an innovative bracelet that really makes you feel connected to a loved one. HEY uses a unique technology to send your touch as far as needed. It’s the first bracelet that mimics a real human touch. Not a mechanical vibration or buzzing sensation, but an actual gentle squeeze.
HEY adds a completely new dimension to relationships. From now on you are always closely connected to your beloved without others noticing. You’re always there, wherever they are. HEY creates an exclusive bond between the two wearers. Lovers, parents and children, friends or anyone who wants to stay connected through touch.

4- CardGear – The thinnest Micro SD cards and SIM cards holder :
Nowadays, we all carry little gadgets wherever we go. We have so much information and photos to store in our phones, computers, and cameras. Most of us like to carry extra SD cards to increase the memory. For travelers, we also carry an extra or two SIM cards to the countries that we like to go. The problem is we just don’t have a right place to store these tiny cards. If we throw them into a wallet, we will run into the risk of losing them whenever we open the wallet. If we put them in a bag, they become so bulky. This is why we invented CardGear. It is the minimalist way to carry and organize extra SD and sim cards. A perfect companion for travelers and photographers.

3- Stark – The First Affordable Hybrid Smartwatch :
· Compatible with iOS and Android.
· Set Step Goals
· Track Steps
· Distance Tracking
· Record Run Routes/Times/Distance/Speed
· Track Calories Burned
· Inactivity Reminder
· Track Sleep
· Set Alarms
· Receive Phone Notifications (Text/SMS and Calls)
· Disconnect Alert
· Shake Watch To Remotely Take Photos
· Stark App Syncs With Apple Health App
· Find Watch Feature
· Data Sharing
· Turn LEDs and Alarm Noise Off/On For Each Feature

2- Gameband – The First Smartwatch for Gamers :
We’re building the greatest Smartwatch, ever….not crammed with every sensor available, just engineered around what we believe is really important: A kick-ass processor, a stunning display, outstanding connectivity, a big battery and a great OS.
We also added a MicroSD port to give access to massive amounts of data, right on your wrist; and finally, because there’s more to life than just raw power 😉 we brought it to life with retro gaming design and content.
The result? Gameband. One of the fastest, most powerful, thinnest, stunning Smartwatches money can buy. Oh, and we also made it one of the most affordable.
In a world where most big-brand wearables from are ‘cookie-cutter’, Gameband gives you the opportunity to be part of something different.

1- The smartest dog tracker suitable for every dog collar :
When you first use Jagger & Lewis, you will need to pair the device with the smartphone app, available on iOS and Android. We will then ask you a few questions through the app to get to know your dog – such as age, type, weight and normal food intake.
This information is then put into our welfare algorithm and we will start monitoring your dog’s activity and health.

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