A Successful Fitness Journey [Fit Body Boot Camp on FOX 5 News]

This is FOX 5 News Morning All right, so many people are starting the New Year with a fitness journey and sometimes it's hard to stay on track, right Annie? Oh yah, I'm going okay, though so far

Joining us with some ways to have a successful fitness journey is Keone Pierce, owner of Fredericksburg Fit Body Boot Camp That sounds scary I don't like anything that has "boot camp!" And you have muscles! Boot camp plus muscles equals, like, you know, severe workouts I don't like that No, not too severe

Just 30 minutes to 37 minutes Oh that's not bad at all! Especially for moms on the go Yes, what is a full body boot camp workout? Okay, well we're going with legs, back, shoulders, core, and it's high-intensity, 30-37 minutes We do nutrition, focus on your goals, because it's all goal oriented Okay, so in my mind I always think cardio to burn the calories

So I will stay on a treadmill or elliptical for 30-35 minutes, just going at a pace Am I doing myself a disservice? No, you've got to work on your muscles, and we work on what we call the Afterburn effect So you've got to realize, when you utilize your muscles, that's what burns the fat Cardio burns calories right then and there, but when you use your muscles it burns the calories after you stop working out Okay

And you get to build those muscles? Yes But it's also beneficial to get the heart rate up and do some cardio with the muscle building? Oh yah, you get your heart rate way, way up, when you're doing pushups for 30 seconds straight, or you're doing mountain climbers, or burpees or whatever, the heart rate's going to be through the roof Burpees, we learned that with our other trainer Okay, let's get started, you brought two beautiful ladies here with some simple equipment that you can buy and do at home Tell us what exercises they'll be showing us

Okay, well, they're going to be doing jump rope, right there They've got sliders, going to be doing circles, and I'm going to be doing what we call thrustersWe're all going to do a workout and simulate what we do in the boot camp All right So, this is what you do at the gym? Yes

Okay, go for it Ready? Let's go All right, so we've got jump rope, we've got mountain climbers, we've got this, what did you say this was? Thrusters? Yes Love that! So all of these exercises, how long do you have everyone do them? It's high-intensity 20 seconds

Oh, 20 seconds? Okay, switch them out Okay, 20 seconds each, wow Look it, and you guys are not even smiling! What is up with that? You are not convincing me! All right let's go You're supposed to be smiling and having fun! And these are just some examples of different exercises Yes, very simple stuff you can do at the house

Sure, you can do this at home, too On average, how many calories would you be burning if you did this for 20 seconds each? Um, stop Through the whole segment about 350-400 calories, but when you stop it's going to be close to 1000 That's excellent, because my session I'm like 400 calories and I'm just bored to death on the treadmill! We have to entertain ourselves We do about probably 21 different sets, and probably about 9-10 different exercises

Thank you so much, thank you ladies And to all of you out there, thank you for joining us this morning Rock on! Bye everybody, stay fit! We'll see you tomorrow morning

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