Are Exercise Machines KILLING Your Gains???

(imitating explosion noises) – What's up everyone? It's your host Justin here, and today, I'm gonna tell you the machines that take over the fitness world (imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger) Okay, okay, enough of the melodramatic stuff

In today's video, I'm gonna talk to you about exercise machines If you've ever been to a modern gym, you've probably noticed that they are littered with exercise machines And because there are so many exercise machines, that's what a lot of people are using for their workouts And if you think about it, it kinda makes sense Machines are super easy to use, not intimidating, and they seem kind of high tech and cool

Heck, we use machines for just about everything else in life And boy, do we use some complicated ass machines So why not use machines for our workout? The answer to that is because machines are not effective at developing real, practical strength Oh, they're also terrible for movement patterning Long story short, machines should not be your main course in your training program

Now hold up, let's think about this for a second Take a look at this machine It's a bicep curl machine, why would you ever lift something heavy with just your biceps while sitting down? Oh I know! Probably never Well, unless you got a super heavy beer chug Cheers! So if you're never gonna be in that position in your life, why train like that? Why force yourself into this tiny, awkward position and then train a very specific muscle in a single plane of motion? And when I say single plane of motion, I mean, you know, two dimensional like this

I am a robot You see, here's the thing You're made of more muscles than just the obvious Yeah, biceps, quads, glutes, abs, all the big stuff are all important, but you know what else is working in the background? Oh yeah! Your stabilizer muscles Hi Justin, it's your stabilizer muscles

We're working really hard right now to make sure you don't drop that weight and end up killing yourself Yay! Well, that wasn't creepy at all So let's say I bicep curl a free weight instead of using a machine, I've suddenly now got a whole bunch of other muscles working to keep the weight balanced If you only train with exercise machines, you're gonna have really strong prime movers, but really weak stabilizer muscles And if that's the case, you don't have a lot of real, practical strength, because nothing in real life mimics the mechanics of a machine exercise

Think about when you pick something up in real life, like a really heavy suitcase It's basically a free weight So if being strong in real life means picking up free weights, what does this mean? It means that if you wanna get strong, you're better off ditching the machines and sticking to your own body weight FYI, when you do a body weight exercise, you're using your own body as a free weight, so it's still a free weight Also, exercise machines are expensive as balls! Now with all that said, I am not the Donald Trump of exercise

– All machine are terrible and bad for you – I know, I've pretty much been shitting on exercise machines this whole time But, there are times when using them isn't the worst idea in the universe So I mentioned earlier that machine work should not be the main part of your workout So as long as you've got that part covered with your free weights, there's really nothing wrong with blasting a few sets on the machine just as a supplement

You going to the beach later? What's up, dudes? Nothing wrong with blasting a few sets of machine bicep curls to get your pump going Aw, yeah Again, as long as machines are not the main focus and don't take away from your main lifts, you're all good Oh, one final note, not all machines are created equal If you really wanna use a machine, use a cable machine

Why? Because cable machines at least force you to work in three dimensions, so you get to work your stabilizer muscles But it'll still put you in an awkward position, so you're still better off using free weights So there you have it Machines are not effective for building real, practical strength Stick to free weights for that, kids

But it's okay to use machines as a supplement, if you've already finished with your main lifts Alright, if you guys enjoyed this video, please like and comment, and most importantly, subscribe to the YouTube channel More videos are in the works, so stay tuned (heavy electronic music)

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