Best home ab workout routine. No equipment core exercises, just 10 min.

Here is some exercises for abs which works for everyone because you can do it anywhere and anytime and most importantly, you don’t need anything else except your own body and flat floor Let's start! Try to reach as high as possible with hands Slowly raise your legs to an angle of 60 degrees Do it with the maximum amplitude Bring your shoulder as closer as possible to the opposite knee Lower the heels as much as possible but without touching the floor Keep your shoulders on the same level – try to reach forward as much as possible with hands Subscribe to Instagram so we can stay in touch and you can see more photos and videos The legs and shoulders do not touch the floor Keep the straight line Heels, pelvis and shoulders on one line Experienced athletes can make several sets with a 5 minutes rest

Tell me in comments, what exercise is the most difficult for you?

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