Best Warm Up Before Swimming (6 Movements to Swim Better)

Best Warm Up Before Swimming (6 Movements to Swim Better)

*It doesn’t make sense to swim to warm up… Use this 3-minute warm up routine BEFORE you get in the water and you’ll be amazed by how you feel and how you perform.*

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Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach & Triathlon Coach Brian Klepacki shares with you his pre-swim warm up routine that will help you swim faster, farther, and with less effort! A little stretching goes a long way especially with swimming.

If you stick to the suggestions and protocols explained by Coach Brian, you absolutely will dramatically impact your ability to swim more efficiently, and reduce fatigue allowing you to finish feeling stronger and ready for more.

Use this 6-exercise warm up routine before you jump in the water. Spending 3 minutes preparing your body for movement is far greater than anything else you can do surrounding your swim.

Here are the exercises:

1) World’s Greatest Stretch
2) Inch Worm
3) T-Spine Twist
4) Band Pull Downs
5) Band Rear Pull
6) Band Face Pull

If you have a question for Coach Brian, leave it below. Have a great day and thanks for watching.

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