Building Your Home Gym: Movement Mondays Episode 31

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(upbeat music) – Welcome to Fit to Love, Movement Mondays, all about exercise, all about movement, all about you If you have an exercise you'd like us to address on a future show, please make sure to send us an email, info@invisiblefitnesscom Enjoy the show Today's show, how to build your own home gym Make sure you also have a furry friend with you to exercise

It's always more fun to have some attention on the floor So some of the things you need to build your own home gym are really not that much I probably have more than you would actually need to start your own home gym I work with a lot of clients on Skype, over the phone, and in person, and we work out at home because I want to teach you how to build a program that you can do anywhere If you're stuck because you think you need to go to the gym or you think that there are certain machines that you have to use, then that's a deterrent when you don't have that available to you

So the first thing to have in your home gym would obviously be a mat This is a yoga mat It has a little bit of a thickness to it, it's padded a little bit, but there are some that are even thicker, And you can get a nice thick pad if you're sensitive to hard wood floors or you feel like your knees or your joints could use the extra padding, there's really no right or wrong to the mat, so get it as thick as you're comfortable with First step would be the mat Second step would actually be to get a bag of tubing

This is one of my favorite things to have all clients get because it can travel with you It really literally probably weighs a pound and a half, two pounds, and it fits in your suitcase and it can fit in a backpack, and you can take it when you travel, and literally, a gym in a bag You can do all kinds of exercises for your upper body, your lower body, when you understand how to do the exercises The most important part of the bag of tubing that you want to make sure you have is a doorstop If you're outside with a piece of tubing with two handles, you can step on it, you can wrap it around a tree, and that's what's gonna secure the tubing for you

But when you're in a hotel room and even when you want to get other muscle groups that you're not gonna be able to get in that position, you want to make sure you have a doorstop that you can change up the exercise and hit different muscle groups from different positions Now this bag of tubing comes with three different variations of strength of tubing, and you can tell by the thickness which one is the strongest and which one is the lightest We've got the red which is the thinnest, so that's gonna be the lightest in resistance, we've got the blue and then the green On these particular pieces of tubing it gives you a number Just know that's a guesstimate

You can't really compare elastic plastic resistance that doesn't have anything to do with gravity with a weight that's based in gravity So just know that they're not exact sciences, and you're just sort of guesstimating This just indicates this is less than this one This tubing set also comes with detachable handles, which I really like, because there are some times where you want to use a piece of tubing, use just the piece of tubing and two handles, or double it up and use one handle for a certain exercise So probably the second most important or even most important piece of your home gym, because it travels with you

Yoga mat, not so much Third piece of equipment you want to make sure you have in your home gym is a ball A ball is a great way to add instability to your workouts to make them harder, to work on balance, and to elevate you from the floor I'll show you a lot of exercises for both upper body, lower body, and of course, core So you want to make sure you have a ball

The fourth, next important piece of equipment would be some kind of ankle weights These are made by Reebok and they're adjustable I can zip this open and I can take out the weights These are five pound adjustable weights I'd recommend at least five pounds adjustable for all women, and if men are working out with you and you're building this home gym for both you and your husband, or if there's two men, get 10 pound adjustable weights

And if you're a more advanced exerciser, regardless if you're male or female, get 10 pound adjustable ankle weights, 'cause you can use these not only on your ankles, but also on your wrists, so we can supplement adding more resistance to different things without having to buy a whole big piece of equipment The fifth piece of equipment that I recommend for a home gym are free weights There are multiple sets of free weights These are obviously free-standing free weights I bought them separately, and these are five pounds

It can get kind of crowded if you have a small area in which you're working out, and you keep buying individual weights like this You'd buy five pounds and eight pounds and 10 pounds and 12 pounds and 15 pounds and so on So if you're serious about building your home gym, the number one piece of equpiment that I would recommend would be the Bowflex dial weight It's a little plastic rack with two handles and then plates, and you can dial the way that you want and it goes from five pounds to 50 So then you just have two handles and two weights, and you don't have to buy all these weights and try to find a rack, it'd just take up space

They're a little expensive, but they're worth it, and they last, they're really good quality If the dial weights are a little too expensive and you don't really care, you can also use power blocks I have here one, the power block, I didn't pull them both in here And these again would be for more men or women that are competing or are really strong and really want to build up a lot of muscle Small weights don't equal small muscle and big weight equals big muscle

Regardless of your program, you're gonna need to keep increasing the intensity in order for you to get stronger, or build more muscle, increase your metabolism, maybe to lose weight So don't be afraid of the big weights, ladies, and buy just three and five and two pounds If you are serious about really working out and maintaining your body, invest in either something like a power block, something like the Bowflex dial weight, or there's another version called the Reebok Speed Pack, and it's a little smaller than the Bowflex weights, and they're two handles and you have two and a half pounds, five, seven and a half, 10, and 12 and a half So it gives you five different variations of resistance with just two handles, and it's about this big So those top five pieces of equipment would really be enough to get you started and last you quite a long time

There's all kinds of other pieces of equipment that would be great additions to your workout as you progress and get stronger and need to increase your workout One of them would be a Bodyblade Bruce Hymanson was the founder and creator of the Bodyblade It offers really cool oscillating resistance for a whole bunch of different exercises So look him up, bodyblade

com You can also use a Bosu, it's like a half ball, and it's another great way to do leg exercises, some upper body exercises, some core exercises It adds a whole 'nother element of instability different than the ball, and it's actually even harder on some exercises So having a Bosu would be a great opportunity You don't have to have it, but it's in the progression as you get stronger And the last thing that I would recommend for a home gym for resistance training reasons, or for using it to utilize different leg exercises, would be a step, like a traditional Reebok step with risers on it, and I'll show you later on in this show how to use that for people that have knee concerns or want to get some strength training in in a different way that might be a little safer than doing it on a big machine

So hopefully now you're not intimidated and you realize that you can get a great workout at home, and some of this stuff even travels with you, so there's really no reason to get your workout in except that you don't know what to do, and in that case, reach out and get some help You're welcome to just continue following Movement Mondays, I'm gonna start building programs for you But if you need a little more extra help, make sure to reach out to someone like me or a certified personal trainer, even a physical therapist to help build you a more specific program so that you can get the results you're looking for (upbeat music) The fit to love podcast show offers you six days a week of helpful content to achieve the happy life you deserve Movement Mondays and Tasty Tuesdays are weekly videocasts, while Wellness Wednesdays, Thoughtful Thursdays, Freedom Fridays and Sexy Saturdays are audio only shows themed every week to address your holistic life and needs

If this show inspired you, we would love for you to share it and subscribe Thank you so much for joining us today Head on over to Fit2Lovetv for recaps of every show, resources, and to join the community That's Fit2Love

tv Have a fit and fabulous day (soft piano music)

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