Cerebral Palsy Alliance Wizzy Bugs and Baby Treadmills

[Music] Carter is a beautiful four and a half year old He's the kind of kid that has a little bit of spark

He draws him into you He's a real got a real bubbly personality, loves being around people Carter also has cerebral palsy It means that he can't do the things a normal four and a half year old can do Carter has vision issues, he's non verbal

But he's working very hard on sign language, he can say more and finished, which is just amazing after working so long on that He has epilepsy but a beautiful, beautiful personality Carter is a twin and he will tell you all about his 'twinny' that's what he calls her, his sister He starts school next year so the fact that he's using this Wizzy Bug is really important and really exciting Wizzy Bugs are these amazing kind of first wheelchairs that children get to use; they look like a little ladybug and it's really great to start working on spatial awareness, mobility, being able to get out in the community and they're really really cute to look at

[ALEX] The Wizzy Bug is incredible It's this really cool piece of equipment that Carter can use himself It's a tool to help with his navigation skills, his mobility his social development, but it's fun As soon as he hops in you can see he gets this smile on his face; he can reach down you can grab the joystick and he can push it forward and he can move Just to see when we take it home and we've got a little cul-de-sac where we live, he's a kid; he gets out, he can be in his Wizzy Bug, he can drive around in his own pace; he can learn those navigation skills and he's got his peers and siblings around him they're riding their bikes, riding their scooters and before, Carter would be sitting there, on his mum's lap not doing a whole lot, generally not being happy

He's in there, he's a kid first, disability second It's tremendous, it's brilliant and it's really cool So to have someone like the Charitable Foundation provide a piece of equipment like this, is gonna benefit so many families Thank you very much from my family [Music]

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