Cybex Treadmills: Discover the difference.

A good thing about Cybex people: we care Your engineers out in the field, they see what the customers go through, they see it the users go through, so you develop relationships on a number scales

So there's compassion It's like let's solve it together to our best benefit Yeah, one great feature that we have on our treadmills are the stability arms We just want it to go out to the field and watch how people use treadmills and after a few minutes we were surprised that they were hanging on to these consoles and that helped inspire us to develop that concept As the technologies improve in our laboratory environment, it allows us to measure different aspects of the human environment while they're exercising

One example of that is shock and trouble So now we have new accelerometers that allow us to measure shock in different ways that can give us deeper insights to what we've had in the past This Cybex IS3 Suspension, which is Intelligence Suspension, the third generation, is kind of unique in that we took a perspective from works in the biomechanics of running and, maybe more easy to see, is how is your running shoe put together And so what you want is, you want to land softly so that's at heel strike, and yet by the time you toe-off you want that to be fairly firm And so that's exactly what I IS3 is

So IS3 is a suspension deck that is exactly what you'd find in a premium running shoe Another great feature of the treadmill is the service wheel, and we are the only ones in the industry that offer that Why? Because we design for people and we listen to people that service the product, that maintain the product, that clean the facility and manage the facility And we heard them loud and clear The treadmill is the most dangerous thing to move and we made it easier for them

Building without compromise means that when we produce Cybex products we're not cutting any corners Whether that means how we specify our steel, how we process through our lasers, the robotic welding, our powder coating – we're building that product to be the best product that's out in the industry

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