Home Gym Hacks Ep 014 | Mobility Band Shoulder Exercises

What's up guys! welcome back to Episode 14 of the Home Gym Hacks video series, powered by PRx Performance Today we're going to incorporate 2 mobility band exercises to maximize your next shoulder day

Exercise number one is going to be our band shoulder shrug, so we're going to take our mobility band, we're going to step on both ends creating handles on the end of our mobility band, and we're going to perform our shrug Hands are going to be at the side Control up, control down Make sure you squeeze those traps at the top and get that nice stretch at the bottom All right guys our second mobility band exercise, we're going up top We're gonna hit the mobility band shoulder press, so what we're gonna do: grab your mobility band from one side, hands are gonna be a little outside the waist and we're going to perform our shoulder press

Same as if we had a barbell, but we're gonna improvise a little bit today Control it on the way up, on the way down Peak that head through Stay tight on the way up and control the band on the way down All right guys there you have it

Two mobility band exercises to incorporate into your next shoulder day, Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for next time

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