Home Workout – NO EQUIPMENT! Chest & Triceps Workout Fitness Routine

What is going on Youtube? So today I was not able to hit the gym, but you know what it was perfect timing Yesterday I had a fan hit me up on snapchat and they asked me: How is it that I can do a workout at home with no equipment? This this person is all the way from UK

He messaged me on snapchat asking me, hey I don't have a gym membership right now, I am planning on getting one How is it that I can workout and start making some gains? So right now we're going to be doing a home workout video! This is to show you how you can use just your own body weight to get exercises that will build muscle What you guys really want to do before you start working out is to stretch! Here we're going to go through a quick upper body stretch So first things first Stretch out the shoulder ligament, it is so important

This is how most bodybuilders and athletes tare something, injury something They don't stretch at all or enough So what I like to do is go ahead and reach my arm across onto my chest and start swinging your arm in a nice slow, smooth, circular fashion You can go clockwise for about, lets say ten circular movements Now switch arms

Alright next stretch! What we're gonna do is simply bring your arm across your body all the way Reach under as if you're giving someone the middle finger, but you're going to hug with your forearm all the way across your chest Go ahead and hold for a solid 15 seconds Now switch arms Now to stretch out your chest, what you can easily do is bring your arms up

Just stretch back, this is going to be stretching your back as well But what you're going to be doing is when you extend your arms out all the way its stretching all across here Another great way to stretch out your chest is to lets say there's a wall right here What you're going to do is put your hand against the wall, and just slowly and carefully just start opening up that shoulder But don't go too far, if you hyper-extend you're going to be hurting your shoulder

You just want to extend to enough where you feel a nice light stretch right across here in your chest and shoulders Now do that for the other arm Another good way to open up your back, and shoulders is just to reach behind, see how close you can get your hands together For me lets see if I can get it still So this one is really easy guys, its called a tricep dip

All you need is either the edge of your bed, the edge of your seat, a small table, you just need something you can put your hands behind So right here I have my queen sized bed, and what I'm going to be doing is, I just pushed the top mattress part slightly out just so I have somewhere to put my hands So obviously this is a great triceps workout So if we're already doing a triceps workout, what we can do next is a chest and triceps workout Guess what the easiest one to do at home is? You guessed it, push ups! Now I hope I wouldn't have to explain how to do a push up these days, but honestly you never know

Alright guys here's a great variation to the push up So here's how you do it You're going to start out in a normal push up position, and what you're going to do is one at a time, bring down your forearm to the ground, one forearm, then the other Then you're going to bring yourself back up, with your hand by your palm on the ground Then come back up with with two palms to your starting position

Now again, with the some one, come down on your forearms, with this part being on the ground Now you're going to come down so that both of them are on the ground Come back up with this arm, extending the elbow Then come back up with this one, now both your hands are flat on the ground Alright guys last chest, tricep slash ab workout for the day at home is going to be diamond push ups

So just like the name says, you want to go ahead and make a triangle or diamond shape with your hand What you're going to do is come up into a push up position, and you're going to come down You want this triangle to be right about in the center of your chest Here's a great variation for the push ups that also focuses on mainly your triceps here So what you're going to do is you're going to keep your palms flat, but you're going keep them very very close to your body

In fact, what you want is almost your arms, your elbows hugging your body the entire time Alright guys, this was a simple easy way to get a pretty decent workout in for chest and triceps with no equipment what so ever Just your own body weight See you guys next time, don't forget to comment, subscribe, like, check out my other videos and I will see you guys next time

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