How the Oura Ring Sleep Tracker Works (+ Tips) • Petteri Lahtela

How the Oura Ring Sleep Tracker Works (+ Tips) • Petteri Lahtela

Listen to Petteri Lahtela, CEO & Co-Founder of OURA Health share the news about the release of the new second generation Oura ring and how it can help you personalize your sleep & recovery from your daily activity and stresses.

If you know someone who is interested in learning more about how they can get better quality sleep, why it is so important for our health and performance, and how the new Oura ring can help us achieve optimal timing for sleep, meals, improved HRV training or even exercise, this interview is for them.

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I enjoyed this interview as I personally use the Oura ring to measure how I’m responding to various influences in my life, like my activity levels, bed times, wake up times, influence of types of food and when I eat etc…

After speaking with Petteri, I have a better understanding of how I can use the data and extrapolate it beyond just a measure of sleep quality. The Oura ring is an invaluable tool that helps me gauge how well I’m doing overall and warns me of any potential health issues that arise so I can address them in fast.

I really enjoyed this interview with Petteri Lahtela and I’m sure you will to.

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