Learn Machine Learning in 3 Months (with curriculum)

Learn Machine Learning in 3 Months (with curriculum)

How is a total beginner supposed to get started learning machine learning? I’m going to describe a 3 month curriculum to help you go from beginner to well-versed in machine learning. Its an accelerated learning plan, something i’d create for myself if I were to get started today, but I’m going to open source it for you guys. This curriculum will cover all the math concepts, the machine learning theory, and the deep learning theory to get you up to speed with the field as fast as possible. If anyone asks how to best get started with machine learning, direct them to this video!

Curriculum from this video:

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Month 1

Week 1 Linear Algebra

Week 2 Calculus

Week 3

Week 4 Algorithms

Month 2

Week 1
learn python for data science

Math of Intelligence

Intro to Tensorflow

Week 2
Intro to ML (Udacity)

Week 3-4
ML Project Ideas

Month 3 (Deep Learning)

Week 1
Intro to Deep Learning

Week 2
Deep Learning by Fast.AI

Week 3-4
Re-implement DL projects from my github

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