My tweede Brain Gym Balance

My laundry before my BrainGym balance to organize my home in 3 days Looks better, does not it? Organizing all my books and starting to be more uncluttered New look – same space This table will never be "tidy" because this is our working space

Our lounge looking at it again now – I can see a lot of things that I did not see before that I can improve on Do not judge me now !!! It's almost always this time, after the BrainGym Balance! Oh, boy to keep this place tidy and to clean up was a big job I should have taken pictures of the cupboards inside before the BrainGym

But I did not want to put an age restriction on the video Can you see the difference? Still sorting what to keep and what to discard! I can see the difference – can you? Det er enkelt å holde denne plads tidy! Different angle! The spare room with my massage bed squeezed in With the help of my friend Annemarie we moved some furniture! My worst nightmare Washing needs to be ironed and a desk with unnecessary stuff that I do not need and do not have space for Oh to load my consultng room It will be a privilege to see you here

Check out my doll for Baby Brain Gym!

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