Rowing Machine Exercises : Recalling Information on a Rowing Machine for Exercise

Hi! I’m Anna-Marie; I’m a Canadian Olympic Rower I’m here on behalf of expertvillage

com We’re going to talk a little bit about how to recall information after you’ve completed a workout For example, I just completed a hefty 6-minute workout My information is on the screen right now, but if someone were to come and turn the screen off without actually doing another workout, I could still recall that information by just pressing the recall button The total time that I was doing it for was 6 minutes

My stroke rate was an average of 25 strokes per minute My average split, or my average pace was 1 minute and 55 seconds per 500 meters And as I told you before, by pressing this long button on the right, you can change that information You can get the total number of meters I did in the 6 minutes, the average watts, the number of calories I burned, and then right back to your pace I can also keep pressing the recall button and it will show me every 2 minutes what the information was

So at the 4 minute mark, I was at 28 strokes a minute My meters was 540, and I can scroll through the information like that Pressing it again, the recall button, will tell what I was at the 2-minute mark I can scroll through the different information Then the total amount of time: 6 minutes and 6 seconds

Again, scrolling through the information In that 6 minutes I did 1500 meters My average watts, calories per hour, and back The 6 minute mark where I was at 25 stokes a minute, 4 minute mark, 28 strokes a minute, 2 minute mark, 24 strokes a minute On the next clip, I’ll talk a little bit about the types of workouts and then we’ll get on to how to set up the monitor to record those workouts

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