SAFER Smart Jewellery by Leaf- Keeping You Safe and Connected

SAFER Smart Jewellery by Leaf- Keeping You Safe and Connected

SAFER Smart Jewellery by Leaf keeps you safe and connected.
It is an innovative approach towards women safety. It keeps you safe outdoors and indoors, on the street, at work and at home. It keeps you safe among strangers, acquaintances and friends. Our aim is to make the world a safe place to live, learn and work.
The SAFER app can be integrated with the SAFER Smart Jewellery by Leaf. The app connects with the secure wearable and sends out distress emergency alert by clicking on twice.
This smart wearable can be used at all times, in all locations.
– When you are alone, or with strangers, or with friends
– When you are out, at work or at home
– In the day and at night
Does this sound like you?
You feel worried when it’s dark outside and you are not yet home.
It’s late and you get frantic calls from your family till you return home from work.

Troubles come uninvited; safety is a concern for everybody. In everyday struggles, we go through situations which we do not wish to be in! We all want to stay safe and keep your loved ones secure.
Prevention is better than cure.
Women around the world feel unsafe stepping out of their house. We at Leaf Wearables decided to take action. Our quest to empower women and families led us to SAFER. We want to ensure that each family has that peace of mind when any member stays outside till late hours.

We aim at creating safer families with their interesting security features like:

1. SaferWalk
Stay in touch while commuting! Enter your destination so your selected Guardians (friends and family) can see your progress real-time till you reach safely. SaferWalk will share your real time location and will enable the guardians to track your real time location via GPS.

2. Notifications
Adjust the settings on your SAFER app to get sound notifications on your SAFER jewelry so you never miss an important
call, message, email or notification.

3. Selfie
Frame the photo on your phone, click your SAFER jewellery ONCE, and share your perfect selfie everywhere!

Our mission is to make 1 MILLION families SAFER by the end of 2017.

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