Synthetic Urine – How To Instantly Pass A Drug Test

Synthetic Urine – How To Instantly Pass A Drug Test

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If you’re a cannabis user in a place where marijuana is not yet legal, chances are you’ve considered using fake pee. Drug tests by potential employers are a necessary step to landing a job, and you don’t want to be caught with marijuana in your system. Many of these employers use urine tests specifically, which means you may need to get your hands on some fake pee. Fake pee can be a mystery to those who have never done research on it, but it is easier to acquire than you may think. The important thing is buying the right brand that will get you through your upcoming drug test without arousing suspicion. The wrong type of fake pee could be the difference between landing the job and remaining unemployed. Not sure where to get fake pee or how it works exactly? Don’t worry, this video will give you the ins and outs of fake pee and how you can use it to beat the system. Watch this video and all of your questions will be answered.

Do you use cannabis for medical or recreational reasons?

If so, there are a whole host of places that could potentially drug test you, from government agencies to your employer.

So when it comes time for your urine to be tested, will using fake pee work? This video will break down what fake pee is and where you can get it.

What Is Fake Pee and How Does It Work?
Fake pee is basically synthetic urine.

It’s been in use since the 1800s when a scientist discovered how to make urea, a key component of urine.

A drug test looks for the byproduct of THC in your system.

Urine tests can detect it five to eight days after you smoke or ingest cannabis in any other way.

Synthetic urine is a safer option as it cuts out the worry of a positive result, even if you haven’t been smoking right before your test.

Where Can You Get Fake Pee?
The most common place that most people pick up their fake pee is in smoke shops.
Convenient right?

Online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon also sell it, priced from $15 to $40.

A good one can be found for around $30.

What Brand is Best?

You absolutely want to make sure the brand you choose for your test is a trusted one.

Clear Choice’s Sub Solutions overall has the best reputation of all the brands.

The heat activator in the box heats the liquid to a precise 98 degrees, the temperature of the human body. To the naked eye (and nose) it also looks and smells like real urine.

Does Fake Pee Really Work?
Yes! If used properly!
Make sure you use your synthetic pee correctly and purchase a good quality brand.

Before you even walk out the store where you buy it, check that it isn’t an old package.

A human body cannot produce urine under 90 degrees, or above 100 degrees. Too hot or too cold of a sample is a cause for automatic rejection.

Thankfully, fake pee kits have thermometers to get the liquid to just the right warmth.

A good way to get around this by strapping the bottle or container to your leg or waist until you reach the privacy of the toilet.

Is Fake Pee Legal?
The legality of using fake pee to fake a drug test depends on your location.

New Hampshire has passed a law that declares both the sale and use of synthetic urine and urine additives to be illegal.

The penalty is a fine, but of course depending on the purpose of your test an ineffective product could mean you lose your job or break the terms of your parole.

Synthetic urine is illegal in Colorado but some people are hard at work trying to change that.

In Texas the substance’s possession and sale are illegal, but that hasn’t stopped it from openly being sold.

This has been your official rundown of all things dealing with fake pee.

We are experienced cannabis consultants and are happy to help you with any cannabis related issues!

Please contact us today with questions!

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