Treadmill Dance Challenge ft. Gabbie Hanna & Chachi Gonzales

– Good mythical summer! We want to thank you because you have been your mythical best in welcoming with open arms our special guests hosts every Friday – Yes, and today we would like you to give a warm mythical welcome to today's guest hosts Gabbie Hanna and Chachi Gonzales

– You didn't acknowledge my mustache – I acknowledge your mustache – We're gonna dance til we drop, probably literally – Let's talk about that (groovy theme music) Good mythical summer – Hey guys, obviously we are not Rhett and Link

My name is Gabbie, you may know me from my YouTube channel, The Gabbie Show – And my name is Chachi, I'm a dancer, you might know me from my YouTube, and I was also on the winning team of America's Best Dance Crew, season six – Now I never won a national dance competition, but I did take free Zumba classes at the YMCA, so I think that we're probably pretty equal for this competition – That's right, today we are very excited because we're gonna be rolling exercise, and dance, and treadmills, and embarrassment all into one big fun ball – It's time for, – [Together] The Treadmill Dance Challenge

– Okay, so here's how this works, we each get our own treadmill, and there are five rounds, and in each round we have to do a different dance move on the treadmill – Yes, and with each dance move, we're gonna increase the speed, so it's gonna get a little tough – Pretty scary stuff, the winner is up to the mythical crew, our live studio audience, and they're going to decide the winner by our applause-o-meter – Yep, and the winner is gonna get a very special treadmill-related prize – I really like prizes

– [Together] Round one – Hello, and welcome to the first annual treadmill dance challenge (crew applauds and cheers) Yes, yes, first up, it's the dance that'll leave you in knots, the twist Now ladies set your phasers to one, and away we run (50s-style music) – Wait are you, what kind of twist is that? Is this the strip club twist? – They didn't say which twist

– That's true, This is actually, – Okay honestly, good for me right now – She added another dance move (crew applauds) – How did that feel? – Strange – I'm already out of breath I could use some water

– I'm out of breath – Need a little water – Yeah, I need a drink – Alright, well that's normal, that's fine – I can't believe people use this thing for fun

– I know – Alright, let's go to the patent-pending applause-o-meter Hachi machi, let's here it for Chachi (crew applauds and cheers) – I think everybody is a little sleepy – Alright, not too shabby, but now let's hear it for Gabbie

(crew applauds and cheers) – Woahh, ohhhh no! Gabbie it looks like you took this round – Thank you guys, I appreciate it – But Chachi don't get blue, because there's always round two – [Gabbie and Chachi] Round Two – We're getting a little faster, let's hope this isn't a disaster

Round two is your chance to belly dance (middle eastern music) – My feet aren't connected to my body Look at all the drops – Ouch, my toes I'm Lebanese, I have this one in the bag

– She does (crew applauds) – My toe got caught in the belt, I was like – You guys looked like pros on that one – We are – Kinda

– But it all comes down to the applause-o-meter once again, don't be crabby, let's hear it for Gabbie (crew cheers and applauds) Oh oh okay, now applaud with zest if you think Chachi was the best (crew cheers and applauds) Oh my, Chachi it looks like you won round two – It looks like it Gabbie – That's disrespectful of my culture

– I love you – But hold onto that glee, cause it's time for round three – [Gabbie And Chachi] Round three – You might think you're slick, but now we're really getting quick Don't go rogue, get on those treadmills and vogue

(electronic dance music) – I'm so afraid to turn (crew applauds) It's still on – That one took a lot out of me – I'm really tired – Gabbie, it seems like you were kind of mirroring Chachi on that one

– You know what, I'm not too proud to know when somebody knows more than me, so I'm trying to learn – Alright, it's time to go to the applause-o-meter once again, let me hear it if you think Chach was top notch (crew cheers and applauds) Oh my Oh oh oh, what – Am I allowed to clap for myself? – Sure

– Nobody else wants to – Now who thinks Gabbie-lous was fabulous (crew cheers and applauds lightly) – Go Gabbie – Oh no Ouch, I'm sorry Gabbie

– My heart – Chachi it looks like you won that round But who will score when we move to round four – [Gabbie And Chachi] Round four – Let's hope you don't botch now that we're taking it up another notch

If you feel a crick in your neck, and a stream of dread, you're close We're going to a traditional Irish river dance (Irish music) (crew applauds and cheers) – I knew the ending was coming in the music – Yeah – I heard the build and the drop

– That was amazing, how do you guys feel? – Don't ask me, wait in five minutes – Don't Irish people get beer? – No we can't Alright, let's go to the applause-o-meter again Who thinks Chachi Gonzales was best of them all-es? (crew cheers and applauds) – Come on – I wonder what the science is behind that? – Now who thinks Gabbie Hanna was top banana? (crew cheers and applauds) – We tied

– We tied, it's a tie – Gabbie, it looks like that round goes to you, but who will thrive the jive when we move to round five? – [Gabbie And Chachi] Round five – This lightning speed is a frightening speed, and you two are tied, so on the line is your pride But don't worry, cause round five is interpre-tive, dance, that is (peaceful world music) – This is hard, what is this? (crew cheers and applauds) I think I cut my knee open, I'm just kidding

That was scary – That was scary, but you know what? It was a really impressive lunge, it was a plie – Plie – Alright, this determines it all, so make your hands come alive if you think Chachi won round five (crew applauds and cheers) – Pretty good

Now make a clapping sound if you think Gabbie won the round (crew cheers and applauds) – It was the lunge – It's close, but Gabbie you took it – I am a trained dancer It really wasn't a fair competition if you think about it

– It really wasn't – Thank you two for playing, and thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – [Gabbie And Chachi] You know what time it is – Hi, I'm Lucy from Tempe, Arizona And this is the yaya tippy mama

It's time to spin The Wheel of Mythicality – So Gabbie, even though you technically won, the mythical crew got us both prizes – Every kid gets a trophy – Mmhmm, no kid left behind – Oh cute

– They're so cute – Why didn't I have these for the challenge? That's so rude I love it – These are awesome – I can't believe you have some, but that's fine

– I did my part – Oh my god, I love rodents – What was it, chinese new year, it was the year of the rat? So that works out – Oh wait, is this a lighter, oh no I thought we were gonna light up

– It has a tag with my name on it – This is so cute, wait, where's my name? Oh cool I forgot for a second what it was, but now I'm glad I can't wait to cut this up and be trendy – I know, I was like, I think it was folded, and I was like, oh, is it a crop top? – Oh my god a pocket, Good Mythical Morning got money

This is cute – Ooh, there's something in my pocket Oh, it did look like a lighter – If you want to see more of me, my name is TheGabbieShow on everything, and you catch me there on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Musically, literally everything

– You're lucky – I know, that's the good part about people not really caring about you is nobody tries to steal your username – If you guys want to see more of me, my YouTube is chachi0123 And then from there, I know, that was my name when I made it> – Sounds like an AOL Instant Messenger screen name – I know, underscore hot momma

From there, you can find all of my socials, but other than that it's just ChachiGonzales on everything else – It shocked me Do I spin it? – Yeah – Spin it – Now I'm gonna spin this wheel, ouch

I've always wanted to be on The Price is Right, so this is just cool Okay, let's get – Let's get textual – Okay, text someone, you got the job, you start tomorrow, do you have your own latex gloves? Post it with Let's Get Textual – #LetsGetTextual – [Link] Click on the left to watch our show after the show, Good Mythical More

– [Rhett] Click on the right to watch another episode of Good Mythical Morning – [Link] And make sure to check out our new channel, This Is Mythical, by clicking the video at the bottom – [Rhett] Thanks for being your mythical best

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