I am here on Monday and in 5 days UFC is here, sorry in 6 days UFC is here, in Stockholm where the main star is Gustafsson, so it's good timing and we're going to be on training today This is the main training area where MMA is trained

Let's see what's next This is reception Everything is very nice here, we will see it later This is Andreas, the founder and the boss of the gym We will talk to him later

Training area with something like crossfit and fitness zone, but there are also big boxing bags for training Fancy training machines and cardio zone Two airdynes Everyone who's tried this devilish machine knows that it's the worst experience ever Well, at least that's my experience

Of course, there's fully equipped fitness center here as you can see But it's pretty empty now It's about noon which is the time when gyms are not full of people Considering the fact that this is so famous gym, I would expect it fuller Space is really huge here

Now we are getting to area that everybody is surely interested in A cage In this cage Gustafsson prepares for his UFC fights I must admit that I am not the biggest fan of Gustafsson, but I know that many people in Europe and Slovakia are, so this is the place I am that kind of person who feel it like a "holy place" where it's created

The young Alexander came here as a newie for his first training hoping he would be someone one day and now he is the big MMA star It all happened inside of this gym There are photocell lights here which is perfect I really like it Large showers

If I get it right they are only for men, I don't know where women take a shower Perhaps they take a shower all together, don't know Lockers of local champions Maybe we can find Gustafsson's I'm looking for

Look whose locker is here Alexander Gustafsson Now we're getting back to the main part where MMA trainings are done

It is very nice here, very nice furnished gym Tatami are everywhere You can run on them in trainers, but also fight and fall You don't "damage" yourself during takedowns and suplexes So, it is all really well arranged

I'm not wondering that this is the place where UFC champions come from You can see that it came to life again, there's a lot of people training Full gym, crowded hall As it looked empty throughout the day, now it's completely full Overfilled

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