Why you are wrong about Universal Basic Income | The power of AI within the hands of the few

Why you are wrong about Universal Basic Income | The power of AI within the hands of the few

Too many people seem to unite behind the idea of universal basic income with the assumption of greater freedom and more spare time. But they don’t realize they are completely wrong about universal basic income.
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UBI is only designed to elevate people out of poverty, but with the current political and economic system, and artificial intelligence on the rise, we can only expect a dystopian future.





This isn’t a case against universal basic income per se. The problem is that universal basic income is probably going to be used by economic and political elites as a distraction from a much more sever social restructuring. With the power of the artificial intelligence within the hands of the few biggest corporations they will control and manipulate everything. It’s not a conspiracy theory. They are doing it right now.

In this video, I build up on the arguments and premises laid out by AI developers and researches like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Ray Kurzweil, and Sam Harris. While Elon Musk thins universal basic income is inevitable, we still share the stance on the dangers of artificial intelligence. Where I differ is that we can’t rely on the system where we can no longer earn our own income, but have to rely on the corporations and governments to sustain our living.

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Google abusing its monopoly

Timeline of Google search engine (from a biased perspective!)

Facebook tracking browsing history

Twitter censorship

Advertising surveillance

Government surveillance

From NSA Leaks by Edward Snowden

Sam Harris on AI power at 19:20
Ray Kurzweil on AI power at 8:30
Elon Musk on AI power at 36:00

Julian Assange on Propaganda functions at 11:15

Bret Weinstein on AI censorship at 27:40

We are building surveillance authoritarianism to make people click on ads:


‘Controlled Chaos’ by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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