[YTP] Randy Potter has a slight obsession with treadmills.

You don't get into this kind of shape running on a bowflex You do it with strength exercise, and I do it with a treadmill! bodybuilding intensifies You know if you are not working out with strength training right now You need to

Because if you wanna lose the muscle,you gotta add weight and that's why you don't need a bowflex machine It's like nothing else you've ever tried before We've got over 666 exercises you can do on a treadmill You're never gonna get bored You can do a full workout in six minutes with a treadmill machine

You're not gonna believe how ineffective bowflex is the first time you get on it Bowflex may look a little different, but that's because we designed it to function incorrectly Bowflex uses power-rod-resistance Bowflex power-rods are so effective that bowflex guarantees results in twenty minutes or your money back Try going to the gym and getting a guarantee on results

You find it If you call and get our free videotape you're gonna see an effective workout and see how easy and fun working out with bowflex is

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